Monday, June 9, 2014

wall of faux taxidermy

I had the brilliant idea of collecting all the extra faux taxidermy I had lying around and putting it in the boys' room.

It looked more awesome in my head.

I found the lion head at the Rose Bowl flea market, and the cardboard moose is from Cardboard Safari.

The t-rex (the arms, they just kill me) is from this Etsy store.

The antelope was a gift, and the colorful moose was from Target.

This room just has not come together.  I don't hate it, but nor do I particularly like it.  


  1. haha! I love that... "It looked more awesome in my head." I hear ya, sister. Story of my life!
    I adore this idea, and I think that maybe you just need something on top of the bookshelves to transition the eye up to the faux dead animals. (Or lower the animals?)

    Also, that T-Rex actually made me LOL. ;)

  2. I saw that moosehead in Target the other day and thought of you. Apparently I was right to :)

  3. It looks like a good start to something fabulous!

  4. I love fauxidermy and this is awesome!

  5. Can I tell you how many times things have looked more awesome in my head? Like, just this last weekend. Bought fabric for some pillow covers to go with others already made and...yeah. Way more awesome in my head. In fact, outside of my head it's not even just not-quite-right. It's completely wrong. So, you're ahead of me!

  6. Hi,
    I like the idea, and they look like fun. I don't know if this could help ( but I guess suggesting it couldn't hurt)
    Could you cut some large thick cardboard ( not sure whether to use normal or the kind you get from a new fridge box) into shield shaped pieced to go behind the actual head as a way to unify them all and give them more substance, you could even give them a plaque naming them . I think it may also be best to have these pieces the same color to tie them together better and help pull the room together, I'm sure you will experiment with color to see what looks best and I look forward to seeing what you do .
    Kind Regards

  7. meant to say the shield should be the same color
    Kind Regards again

  8. So cute. Love the t-Rex! Oh if reality were only like what I envision in my head;)


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