Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The guest bedroom: some chiang mai and Jenny Lind

A few weeks ago a friend mentioned that she had a vintage queen-size Jenny Lind bed that she had bought in a church rummage sale, and if I wanted it, I could have it.  OF COURSE I want it! I've been looking for a Jenny Lind queen-size bed for years!

One small problem--the side rails were missing, and the mounting hardware was mounted at 15 inches high, meaning that simply screwing the spindle headboard onto a standard metal frame would be difficult.  Despite my previous bad experiences with vintage beds (yes, plural bad experiences, here and here), I figured we could work around that.  (Foreshadowing. I clearly have not learned my lesson.) 

In order to make things interesting, we sold the previous Malm bedframe and waited to do this project until we had out of town guests coming the next day.  No pressure! I hear guests love to sleep on mattresses on the floor.  

First we ordered a metal hookplate bedframe.  When we got it home, the hooks were too large to insert into the hardware. Weirdly enough, this weekend our next door neighbor put a queen size frame and boxspring out on the curb, so we returned the hookplate frame and used the free frame.  

Next we thought we would put the frame on risers so we could screw the frame in above the spindle.  One of the risers was a bit wobbly, and it seemed like an unsturdy solution for a bed that our boys like to jump on.  On to attempt number three.  

Using a piece of scrap wood, we screwed the metal frame to the wood at the bottom, and screwed the scrap wood into the frame higher above the spindle.  This worked well, although I think we should probably redo this with a longer piece of wood to give the headboard more support.  Also, I need to paint the wood white.  Someday.  

That finally did the trick. 

I miss the chiang mai dragon bedroom, so I pulled out that stuff out.

Voila! Fresh guest bedroom!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL bedroom!!! I love the patterns you've used! And, since *I* didn't have to live through it, I can quip that the bedframe ordeal was TOTALLY worth it!! ;) I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. it looks awesome- such a fun and bright cheerful room! i love it!

  3. Beautiful! I love, love, love your Chiang Mai Dragon artwork! Still amazed that you had the patience to do it in the first place. Your guest room is beautiful! I love Chiang Mai Dragon in aquamarine, combined with green it is stunning.

    Blogless Peggy in virginia

  4. so pretty! i missed the chiang mai dragon bedroom too, that was my fav :) i have a vintage twin jenny lind headboard in my attic that is going to be for vera once i figure out how to mount it to a bedrame (you can help me on your next visit!!). i also need to buy a twin size bedframe. (her current bed is one of those ikea beds with wood slats so no reusable frame for a new headboard). i would like to point out that i bought this headboard about two weeks after we replaced our queen bed with a king bed. and tossed two perfectly good twin bedframes that our queen boxspring sat on. you know, b/c why would i ever need two twin bedframes in my future? it's not like i have two children or anything. sometimes my brain is questionable...

  5. I want to come stay in that room! And why is it that free things are never easy?

  6. Looks great! Love how everything came together in that room. You should stay there one night and let the kids and your husband treat you like a guest.


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