Wednesday, June 25, 2014

maxi dresses

I have been living in maxi dresses this summer.  I love them to death. I bought two styles from Target in every color, as I like to wear a uniform and am incapable of dressing myself in a wide and varied wardrobe.   Since Target is holding a buy one get on 50% off this week on women's dresses, I thought I would share.

This summer's uniform is this dress:

And this dress paired with lots of colorful statement necklaces:

I am 5'2-ish and 145 lbs, usually a size 10 or 12.  The colorblock dress is a petite medium and I love the length and fit, no adjustments needed.

The solid color dress does not look terribly attractive in the above picture, but I love it on.  The verrrry low cut top offsets the muu-muu effect.  However, order a size down. I have two in the medium, and they fit fine, but the top is a bit loose.  When I ordered a few more I went with the small petite, which fits my top perfectly and also fits on the bottom.

I ran the petite smalls through the dryer and they are about an inch off the floor.  If you are shorter than 5'2 you might have to get them hemmed.  I tried on the regular size medium and it was a foot too long.

The petite is on clearance for $13 (buy two, get the second one for $6.50!).  The regular not-petite size is $24.99 for some reason.

Lastly, I am contemplating this:

Cardigans are also on sale! 


  1. Have been contemplating jumping on the maxi dress train, but I hate being hot and it seems like all that fabric would not feel good. Any issues with that?

    1. I haven't had a problem with being hot in them. I do find that I feel better in cotton (or cotton-ish) fabric, rather than those no-wrinkle, shiny rayon type dresses. I looked at the fabric content of these dresses, because they feel light, like cotton, not those horrible shiny rayon dresses, and weirdly enough, they are a polyester/rayon/spandex blend. But they feel good.

      Also, I always wear petti-pants (I talked about Amish underpants in this post: These slips keep me from feeling hot and sweaty in the undercarriage.

      For $13, its not a big investment if you hate them :-)

  2. I love dresses. A complete outfit, no decisions. Right up my alley;)

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