Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mah hair; and how do you store your photos?

You all were too kind on my last post--I am well aware that the boys room looks like amateur hour, but I appreciate the kind comments and suggestions.

Weeks ago I posted that I was getting my hair cut, and dithering between chopping all my hair off again or leaving it to grow longer.  (Time flies when you don't blog very often!)

I walked into the salon having decided to chop it off again.  Then my hairdresser talked me into letting it grow. So it sort of looks pretty much the same as before the haircut.

I know, I know, resting bitch face, I has it. 
I think my hairdresser talked me into letting it grow longer because she herself had cut her hair drastically short a few days prior and hated it so much she promptly got extensions.  Her hair issues may have been projected onto my head, as it were.  However, one drawback to having fabulously stylish short hair is that it needs to be trimmed on a four week basis, and that is just a giant pain.  One of the reasons I want to grow it out is to be free of the constant need for trims.  (I can stretch the gray hairs out for a while, usually 8-10 weeks at a time.)  So I am not unhappy that I am growing it out.  For now, anyway.  That could change at any moment.


I have thousands, nay, possibly hundreds of thousands of digital pictures of my children (and my house.  If I died tomorrow I would be terribly embarrassed that my husband would have to explain to the children why there possibly more pictures of our living room than there are of the children.)  Probably half of the pictures are duplicate shots of the same thing, which is the curse of the digital age and not having to pay to develop film.  Regardless, I have a million gazillion unsorted digital photos sitting on multiple hard drives and cloud devices that need to be sorted and put into some sort of order.  I feel like a hoarder--the project has become so overwhelming and huge that I do not know where to start.

I am not a scrapbooker. I do not want to spend my precious free time organizing photos.  I am probably going to start a fifteen-minute-a-day project to start getting this under control.  But I need some kind of process or end goal to work towards.

How do you keep up with photos?  What simple and easy app or website will fix my problem?


  1. I recently maxed out my google account storage and had to move all my photos. We have an external hard drive from costco that I moved all of them too. It is still a mess, sorted by day, some of which are wrong and others have folders with 1-2 pictures in them, but it is a start. I personally avoid cloud back up because the free storage isnt enough and id rather not pay yet another monthly fee for something.

  2. Hahaha. That's my response to your assumption that all of your readers (which includes me) might have some great wisdom/tricks on the photo storage front. I know my photos are all backed up somewhere (the cloud--and what the heck is the cloud, really?--and some device we own called Time Machine) but I don't know how to access said backups. Because I hate this kind of thing and there are always much more hugely pressing things to do. Like respond to stupid things on Facebook.

    I have thousands of the same kinds of photos in iPhoto. If it ever crashes, I am toast. I know this, and yet...I spend time responding to stupid things on Facebook. When my iPhoto threatened dire things last summer, I did go through and delete many hundreds of blurry bad photos of my living room (and other various rooms). It felt good. I just set a certain amount of time and did what I could until I'd eventually gone through every event.

    When you figure out how someone like me (and, apparently you) can tackle this in a way that is not insane, highly technical, and/or completely mind-numbing, please blog about it. And post a link on FB, because you know I'll be there responding to stupid things. :-)

    Oh, and I like the hair. I keep thinking I need to get a real hairstyle, but I'm a big fan of only getting a cut once every 4-5 months.

  3. so i just keep all my pictures on my laptop and a hard drive. i upload to my laptop whenever i think the memory card from the camera has a lot. and save by season (e.g. winter 2014, spring 2014, etc), and then within the seasons, i'll have subfolders - christmas, mothers day, camping, beach, misc, house. and on a quarterly basis i do go through and just copy my favorite pictures from that season to another folder called "yearbook 2014" (or whichever year it is) and i have that folder on my laptop and hard drive and sometimes am so efficient to upload to shutterfly or some other picture service. that folder eventually goes to a family "yearbook" that i print every year. and i sometimes make books (shutterfly not scrap) of vacations or memorable occasions. also, my fav pictures get on the vera blog. i do think making books and having the blog help a lot, if my laptop and the hard drive simultaneously crashed, i know my favs are still documented in some fashion.

    also, i love your dress and necklace, where are they from? :)


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