Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ikea discontinued the Expedit. WTH?

The Huffington Post had an article yesterday detailing the world-wide hipster apocalypse happening over the discontinuing of the Expedit.

The Expedit is pretty much on every design blog ever.  The Lack bookshelf also used to be a major design blog staple.  The brown Stockholm Blad curtains were in the background of every neutrally decorated TV show living room ever (start looking for it, you'll be surprised how often you see it). Seriously, Ikea, if you keep discontinuing everything I love, we won't be friends anymore.


  1. Omigosh. No! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Dang! That's big news! I've got Expedit in our laundry room. Not cause we're hip. Cause it gives me a cubby in which to put each person's laundry. Sounds like the replacement will work just as well, though.

  3. my hipster husband informed me yesterday of this big news... we have no less than four expedits in our house, keeping in mind that we have only five rooms that aren't kitchens or bathrooms. i plan to go to ikea this weekend to see if any expedits are left in stock, along with every other yuppie person in the universe i'm sure. dang it ikea!

  4. It's okay everyone! Take a deep breath and read:

    Basically they're just renaming it and slightly redesigning so it uses less wood to produce. Whew!


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