Tuesday, May 17, 2011

make your own foyer

The house we are moving to is a side-hall colonial, and its very similar to the house we owned two years ago.  The front door is towards the far right and opens into the living room.  In this house, the stairwell to the upstairs is almost right in front of the door.  I don't have any pictures to show you, unfortunately.

I like a house that has a foyer that separates the entryway from the living space.  Our current apartment has a nice foyer and a large coat closet.  The new house does not have a foyer or coat closet, and I notice that the tenants have the same solution that we had in our old house--hooks on the wall that goes down into the basement.  The door into the basement is not located anywhere near the front door, meaning that you must walk in and go through to the back of the house before taking off your coat.  This is a nuisance.  It also means that the short people fling their coats on the floor by the front door.

Years ago I saw a picture in a shelter magazine that solved this dilemma by putting hanging hooks on the back of a shelving unit.  The back of the shelving unit was installed perpendicular to the front door, thus creating a small foyer area, and the front of the shelving unit faced into the living room.  I never did get around to attempting that project in our house, but this morning I came across that picture on Pinterest and thought, hmm, I may have to take another look at this.

image via pinterest

From the other side:
image via pinterest

I remember the shelter magazine being a Better Homes and Garden DIY publication, because I recall reading in the article that the units are actually DIY-modified kitchen cabinets, but I could be wrong on that.  Unfortunately the original pinner on Pinterest must have scanned and uploaded the picture, because the original source isn't pinned.

The space in our new living room is not quite big enough to handle three shelving units, but I think one would work.

I am perusing craigslist, but almost every armoire is an entertainment unit.  Not that I couldn't work around replacing the back and putting in a hanger bar, but Ikea has some wardrobe cabinets that could work.

I really like the Hemnes line of furniture and its clean, simple lines.  There is a two door and a three door option:

The Edland and its fancy curved legs would be a little different:

The Asplund seems very Hemnes with a mirror-ish, doesn't it?

I will need to get into the house and tape off the space to see if we have enough room, but I am hopeful this would work.


  1. oooh genius. maybe this could work for me too! i've always wanted a foyer :)


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