Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plum cushion workroom

Remember a few days ago I posted about wanting a room of my own and having a place to look at all my pretty fabrics?

This morning Little Green Notebook featured Melanie of Plum Cushion's house tour.  I've been reading Melanie's blog for a while now, but somehow I've never seen pictures of her workroom.  Melanie makes high-end pillows that I've posted about before, so her workroom is full of gorgeous fabrics. (LGN's pictures of the workroom seem to be an updated version of the original Plum Cushion post--that cool painting isn't there in the original version.  The entire house tour is beautiful and worth checking out.)

images via Little Green Notebook

I am coveting this room---imagine having all those Trina Turk, Schumacher, and Kelly Wearstler fabrics in your house, just waiting to be played with.

I can barely sew. I have never sewn anything but a paper towel so far. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with expensive fabrics.


  1. Well, I love them too. But I haven't bought any because all I can do is iron-on tape hems and clip rings! haha

  2. You will surely do terrific sewing work in that space. Very nice workspace to be in.


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