Monday, March 14, 2011

art for the kids' room

I've been looking for inexpensive art  that would be good in the kids' room above the dresser, but nothing has struck my fancy.   I'd also like to finish this room, so I didn't want to drag on looking for months and months for the perfect piece.  I gave myself a challenge to fashion some kind of art out of stuff we already had.

We had some bird prints, an inaccurate canvas painting of the solar system (goodbye, Pluto), a bunch of empty frames, and a couple of large mirrors.  Since the kids aren't tall enough to see the top of their dressers, putting a large mirror up there seemed pointless.  None of the other pieces were large enough to hold the space on their own.

Looking in the attic, I found some blank 11x14 canvases I had picked up at a two-for-one sale at Michaels, along with some red ribbon.  Rummaging in the brown paper bag that holds my fabric stash I found the remnants of a really bright turquoise tablecloth with a quatrefoil pattern.  I also had three bright green picture frames from Target.  Voila, art.

I wrapped the canvas frames in the turquoise fabric, and stapled the back.  I tapped a small nail into the inside top part of the canvas frame.

I threaded the ribbon in the back of the frame hanger.

I hung the picture on the canvas, looping the ribbon around the nail in the back of the canvas.

I picked some pictures from our recent vacation in Costa Rica.  Here's Peter testing the waves:

Princess wearing Grandma's sunglasses:

Greg jumping the waves with Papa and Nonno:

I think the room is finally done.  Big reveal tomorrow.  


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